Monday, March 12, 2012

Tonight's Rehearsal

We had a pretty rough rehearsal tonight, no question.  We need to use this week and next wisely to pull the scenes and songs together into a show.  Actors need to work on having their lines down pat, knowing when and where the next entrance is, and what your character does when he or she gets there.  Actors need to be in character the entire time they're on stage and when they're not on stage, be focused on the next time they'll be on stage.

Actors need to be at rehearsal, ready to rehearse.  If you can't be at rehearsal, it is your responsibility to review your lines, songs, choreography and blocking.  There is no substitute for spending time in your character in the show.

Let's get to rehearsal at 6:30 tomorrow night and be prepared to work hard to bring this show together and make these characters and songs come alive!  I know it's in you -- let it out!  Time to give these rehearsals everything you've got!

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