Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rehearsal Notes 3-13

  • Rock Island Salesmen -- much better all around!  Keep up the good work!  I noticed several people tapping their feet to keep time -- we want to go from tapping feet to bouncing in place to keep time.
  • Ensemble -- In "Iowa Stubborn", sing bigger out of Alma's line, "She wouldn't have come anyway."
  • Harold -- after "Iowa Stubborn", start dialogue with Jacey about the rig faster and don't stand right in front of him.
  • Harold -- review lines during "You Got Trouble".
  • Amaryllis -- nice reaction after the "Old Maid" line!
  • Quartet -- I liked that you take off your hats during "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean".  Nice!  Keep it!
  • Ensemble -- After Mayor's line, "a spectacle; my wife", we need a gasp of reaction from you.
  • Wa Tan Ye girls -- be more scared of the firecracker noise.
  • Harold -- in "76 Trombones", end "tantara" on an up note rather than a down note.
  • Harold -- in "76 Trombones", indicate the Shinns to come up and move on.  Don't linger to see if they come up.
  • Harold -- in "76 Trombones", good job picking up the tuba in the instruments when you mime the instruments!
  • Quartet -- need to review blocking on "Goodnight Ladies"
  • Ensemble -- the two lines in "Wells Fargo Wagon" are sloppy and jumbled.  We need to clean those up.
  • Ensemble -- don't start talking to each other after "Wells Fargo Wagon".  We need to continue with the scene.
  • Shipoopi dancers -- you looked like there was a lot of confusion during the dance.  We need to review this dance to tighten it up.
  • Mayor -- come in right after Shipoopi and go straight to Tommy.  Don't try to sneak in.  Big, bold entrance is needed.

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