Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tonight's Rehearsal Notes

Notes from tonight's rehearsal:

Harold -- don't ad lib.  Example: don't add "whatever that is" after "minuet in G".

All Cast -- no talking after songs.  Hold the pose at the end of the song, then continue on with the scene. If the song is at the end of the scene, go to Places for next entrance.

All Cast -- a few members of the cast could be seen on stage when they were supposed to be off stage.  If you're not on stage, get off stage!  If you can see the house, you're on stage.

All Cast -- Stay out of the back curtain!  No one is allowed behind that curtain at any time for any reason!

Mayor Shinn -- review lines and entrances/exits to make sure you enter and exit from the correct side.

Harold -- "Mother of pearl keys" -- Sell the instrument!

Pick a Little Ladies -- Enter BIG!!

All Cast -- I hear talking backstage from the house.  If you are backstage, there is NO TALKING!

All Cast -- Until Tech Week, stay in the house, not backstage, until you need to be in place for an entrance.

Things we need to work on:

1. Lines -- we need to get lines down.  We are very close to the point where actors will not be able to ask for lines - they will have to cover if they don't know their lines.  Get those lines down!

2. Purpose -- actors need to know at all times what we're rehearsing, where they need to be, when and where the next entrance is, and they need to get there quickly and quietly.

3. Props and Set Pieces -- these are fragile!  They are not toys!  If an item is your character's prop, use it ON STAGE, IN CHARACTER ONLY!  If it is not, DO NOT TOUCH IT!

4. No talking backstage!  No talking out of character on stage!

See you at rehearsal tomorrow night!

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