Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This week

This week, we're continuing to put together and tighten the show.  I want actors to work on being in character while on stage and being unseen and unheard off stage.  Remember -- "Theatre Ninjas"!  I also want the actors to work on keeping energy up during songs.  Sparkle!!  Smile when singing, and give every move a purpose!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rehearsal Notes 3-13

  • Rock Island Salesmen -- much better all around!  Keep up the good work!  I noticed several people tapping their feet to keep time -- we want to go from tapping feet to bouncing in place to keep time.
  • Ensemble -- In "Iowa Stubborn", sing bigger out of Alma's line, "She wouldn't have come anyway."
  • Harold -- after "Iowa Stubborn", start dialogue with Jacey about the rig faster and don't stand right in front of him.
  • Harold -- review lines during "You Got Trouble".
  • Amaryllis -- nice reaction after the "Old Maid" line!
  • Quartet -- I liked that you take off your hats during "Columbia, Gem of the Ocean".  Nice!  Keep it!
  • Ensemble -- After Mayor's line, "a spectacle; my wife", we need a gasp of reaction from you.
  • Wa Tan Ye girls -- be more scared of the firecracker noise.
  • Harold -- in "76 Trombones", end "tantara" on an up note rather than a down note.
  • Harold -- in "76 Trombones", indicate the Shinns to come up and move on.  Don't linger to see if they come up.
  • Harold -- in "76 Trombones", good job picking up the tuba in the instruments when you mime the instruments!
  • Quartet -- need to review blocking on "Goodnight Ladies"
  • Ensemble -- the two lines in "Wells Fargo Wagon" are sloppy and jumbled.  We need to clean those up.
  • Ensemble -- don't start talking to each other after "Wells Fargo Wagon".  We need to continue with the scene.
  • Shipoopi dancers -- you looked like there was a lot of confusion during the dance.  We need to review this dance to tighten it up.
  • Mayor -- come in right after Shipoopi and go straight to Tommy.  Don't try to sneak in.  Big, bold entrance is needed.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Tonight's Rehearsal

We had a pretty rough rehearsal tonight, no question.  We need to use this week and next wisely to pull the scenes and songs together into a show.  Actors need to work on having their lines down pat, knowing when and where the next entrance is, and what your character does when he or she gets there.  Actors need to be in character the entire time they're on stage and when they're not on stage, be focused on the next time they'll be on stage.

Actors need to be at rehearsal, ready to rehearse.  If you can't be at rehearsal, it is your responsibility to review your lines, songs, choreography and blocking.  There is no substitute for spending time in your character in the show.

Let's get to rehearsal at 6:30 tomorrow night and be prepared to work hard to bring this show together and make these characters and songs come alive!  I know it's in you -- let it out!  Time to give these rehearsals everything you've got!

Set/Prop Construction Tuesday, March 13

Students signed up to work on Set & Prop construction -- we will be doing some painting and sanding of some of the pieces on Tuesday evening, March 13.  Students should come dressed in clothes for painting.  We will start at 6:15 PM and expect to go until 7:30 PM.  Crew will work in the multi-purpose room.  Please enter and exit through the doors off Midway.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tonight's Rehearsal Notes

Notes from tonight's rehearsal:

Harold -- don't ad lib.  Example: don't add "whatever that is" after "minuet in G".

All Cast -- no talking after songs.  Hold the pose at the end of the song, then continue on with the scene. If the song is at the end of the scene, go to Places for next entrance.

All Cast -- a few members of the cast could be seen on stage when they were supposed to be off stage.  If you're not on stage, get off stage!  If you can see the house, you're on stage.

All Cast -- Stay out of the back curtain!  No one is allowed behind that curtain at any time for any reason!

Mayor Shinn -- review lines and entrances/exits to make sure you enter and exit from the correct side.

Harold -- "Mother of pearl keys" -- Sell the instrument!

Pick a Little Ladies -- Enter BIG!!

All Cast -- I hear talking backstage from the house.  If you are backstage, there is NO TALKING!

All Cast -- Until Tech Week, stay in the house, not backstage, until you need to be in place for an entrance.

Things we need to work on:

1. Lines -- we need to get lines down.  We are very close to the point where actors will not be able to ask for lines - they will have to cover if they don't know their lines.  Get those lines down!

2. Purpose -- actors need to know at all times what we're rehearsing, where they need to be, when and where the next entrance is, and they need to get there quickly and quietly.

3. Props and Set Pieces -- these are fragile!  They are not toys!  If an item is your character's prop, use it ON STAGE, IN CHARACTER ONLY!  If it is not, DO NOT TOUCH IT!

4. No talking backstage!  No talking out of character on stage!

See you at rehearsal tomorrow night!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Goals this week

Our rehearsal goals this week are to continue putting the show together -- going from scenes into songs into the next scene into the next song.  I want the actors to focus on remembering their lines, blocking, and choreography, work on concentration so that they know what scene is on and when and where their next entrance is, and work on not talking when not on stage.  These are primary and important things to have down.  I also want the actors to continue to work toward the goals they've chosen when on stage in character.

Monday night there is rehearsal.  I know there's no school on Monday, but I appreciate all who can make it to rehearsal.  The more people that come to rehearsal, the more we can do.  A number of actors missed rehearsal last Friday due to the bad weather, so this is a good time to catch up.

Tuesday during vocal rehearsal I will be meeting with the students who have volunteered to work on tech.  Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting going!  This is when we start ramping up our set and prop building and getting our costumes together.

Keep working on lines and choreography at home.  Also practice your circle exercise.  The small amount of time you give these at home pays off a lot at rehearsal, and ultimately, in performance.

We will continue to work "Rock Island" all week.

We will continue to work off book.  Actors should ask for "line" if they need a line prompt.  When they get the prompt, they should just continue to move forward in the scene.

See you at rehearsal!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Where the Magic Happens

I saw this today and immediately thought of you.  This is what we do in theatre.  It's like an extension of the circle exercise, isn't it?

Expanding yourself outside your comfort zone not only helps you get into character, sing out, and get the choreography sharp; it teaches you more about what you're truly capable of doing than almost anything else.

See it -- Work toward it -- Achieve it!  Keep at it until you have it!