Monday, March 5, 2012

Goals this week

Our rehearsal goals this week are to continue putting the show together -- going from scenes into songs into the next scene into the next song.  I want the actors to focus on remembering their lines, blocking, and choreography, work on concentration so that they know what scene is on and when and where their next entrance is, and work on not talking when not on stage.  These are primary and important things to have down.  I also want the actors to continue to work toward the goals they've chosen when on stage in character.

Monday night there is rehearsal.  I know there's no school on Monday, but I appreciate all who can make it to rehearsal.  The more people that come to rehearsal, the more we can do.  A number of actors missed rehearsal last Friday due to the bad weather, so this is a good time to catch up.

Tuesday during vocal rehearsal I will be meeting with the students who have volunteered to work on tech.  Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting going!  This is when we start ramping up our set and prop building and getting our costumes together.

Keep working on lines and choreography at home.  Also practice your circle exercise.  The small amount of time you give these at home pays off a lot at rehearsal, and ultimately, in performance.

We will continue to work "Rock Island" all week.

We will continue to work off book.  Actors should ask for "line" if they need a line prompt.  When they get the prompt, they should just continue to move forward in the scene.

See you at rehearsal!

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