Thursday, January 26, 2012

Notes from tonight's rehearsal

A few notes from tonight's rehearsal:
  • We got both songs blocked and choreographed (and I think the new ending to "Trouble" will look much better!).  Good job!  Getting choreography down is tough -- it takes repetition and concentration, but we're off to a good start.  In time, these will seem really easy.
  • We didn't get to much of the blocking around the songs in Scene 2.  Again, let me remind you that "places" means to get in your starting position, don't talk, and be ready to go.  Cues come up fast, especially in the middle of a song!  Pay attention so you don't miss them!
  • As you start to remember the choreography better, the very next step is to make each move as crisp and sharp as you can.
  • Remember, in a musical, the rule of thumb is, don't do a small move when a big move will do.  Gotta make sure they'll see you all the way in the back of the house!
  • Use your CDs!  When we learn new songs and choreography, spend about 10 minutes going over what you learned.  It'll pay off big time when we come back and do the song and dance next rehearsal!
Tomorrow night we do Scene 5.  Get some rest, and come in ready to go!  Remember to check the calendar if you're not sure of the time.

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