Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great first rehearsal!

Thanks again to Mrs. O'Reilly-Greene, the Parents who attended tonight, and the fantastic cast we have for this show!  Great read-through tonight!  Remember, this is the first step on our rehearsal journey.  We got to hear the characters' voices all together for the first time, and we discussed our concepts for the show.  Good way to start, people!

As you go through your scripts, take note of the footnotes -- there are many references we'll need to make sure we get right, and some explanations of the language used in 1912.  Some of the words and phrases aren't familiar to us 100 years later, but they'll need to be as comfortable as the phrases we use with our friends today.  And they will be.  Because you guys are that good.

I was really impressed with how much you brought to your characters already.  Well done!  We're off to a great start.  Thank you for all your hard work over the break.

Tomorrow night, we'll start off with Rock Island.  We'll be working hard to get the rhythm down, then we'll put the characters in the rhythm.

Then we'll start working on "Ya Got Trouble".  The choreography won't be very heavy in this number, so we'll need to make sure we start working with getting our characters to come through in the song.

Remember to enter through the Multi-Purpose Room entrace off Midway, and come to Room 104.  Please remember to walk around the gym floor so we don't accidentally disturb the activity going on in there.

Thanks again!

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